AOL users will not receive emails from the Online Registration system without first completing the following steps in your AOL setup.

Please print this page for easier use.

  1. Sign-on to AOL
  2. Double click the "You've Got Mail" icon
  3. When the " Your Screen name 's Mailbox" window opens, click "Spam Controls" on the lower right of the window
  4. When the "Mail and Spam Controls" window opens, make sure the Sender Filter (bottom center of box) is marked "on" and click the Edit feature
  5. When "Sender Filter" window opens, make sure the "Use a Custom Sender List" option is chosen and click on the link "Use a Custom Sender List".
  6. When the "Custom Sender List" window opens, choose the option "Allow only senders and domains listed below" and list the e-mail address and to the list. [Alternately, if you already have your system setup with the alternate option (i.e., "Block all senders and domains listed below") make sure that is not on this list of blocked addresses.]
  7. Click Save on the "Customer Sender List" window, the "Sender Filter" window, and the "Mail and Spam Controls" window. (Each window will automatically close when you click save and update the program settings)

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